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Award-winning Italian blues harmonica player Fabrizio Poggi

Delta Italians Influence on the Blues - Urban Legend or Reality?

Almost lost to the annals of time, there’s a particular story of Italian immigration that most of us haven’t heard about in a history class, nor read...
Like an impressionist painting, there are many ways to tell of the multiplicity of Italy and of being Italian through its cuisine

Italy and Being Italian Through Cuisine: A National Essence

Italian cuisine is... first and foremost, quality. The best. Beauty. Richness and good-ness. Breeders, farmers, prod-ucers. Social responsibility...
Swiss Guards at the Vatican— Photo by LuckyTD

The Swiss Guards: Pope's Private Army since 1506

After seeing La Guardia Svizzera , or in English, the Swiss Guard, standing at attention at the gates of the Holy City, donned with their halberds,...
The Greek Theatre is without question the most important feature for sight-seers in Taormina — Photo by samot

Where Greece and Rome once met: Taormina

If you’re an ancient history buff, or if you took Classics in college, you may remember that on one faithful day, sometimes between the 7th and the...
A food expert and a real entertainer, chef Mario Batali presented his new cookbook, Big American Cookbook. 250 favorite recipes from across the USA. Photo credit: Ken Goodman

Chef Mario Batali Entertains Audience in Pasadena

I n the evening of October 26th, multi-awarded celebrity chef Mario Batali presented and signed copies of his just released cookbook, Big American...
Ferracci Store south of Shaw. Photo courtesy of Paul Canonici

Way Down South in the Land of Cotton: Italian Immigrants in the Southern Delta

Endless row upon row of cotton fields, shimmery white as far as the eye can see. A frosty glass of Southern sweet tea offers companionship to a plate...
In Venice the Venetians covered the walls and ceilings of the sumptuous Doge’s Palace and St Mark’s Basilica with gold leaf, decorated their gondolas with it and worked it into their glistening glass too

The last artisan battiloro goldbeater in Europe

Hidden away in a tiny little workshop at the bottom of a walled garden sits the last artisan battiloro in Europe. Beating out a rhythmic golden...
The Basilica of San Benedetto in Norcia was almost completely destroyed by the earthquake of 30 October

The Italy we have lost: the artistic and cultural patrimony the earthquake has destroyed

Italy is a wounded country. Never, in recent years, the Bel Paese has endured so much tragedy in such a short amount of time. Black-clad still,...
The Annual Italian American Studies Association Conference, hosted by the George L. Graziadio Center for Italian Studies (November 3-5, 2016)

The 49th Conference of Italian American Studies Association in a nutshell

From November 3rd to the 5th, at the campus of California State University , Long Beach ( CSULB ), it took place the 49th conference of the Italian...
Pinot Grigio – a color mutation of Pinot Noir, by the way – grown in the cool area of northeastern Italy — Photo by luckybusiness

Pinot Grigio: You Never Really Get Over It

In Kai Yuan Road, nearby to where the old ferry leaves from Xiamen to Gulangyu Island, You Sheng, a man perpetually dressed head to toe in white,...
Excavation under the open sky of white marble from Carrara Italy— Photo by Fotografiche

Modern expressions of Italy’s sublime stone

Since my Italian-American Italy has long been renowned for its miracles in stone. From Roman amphitheaters and aqueducts to Michelangelo’s David, the...
Spotlight on the First Italian Cuisine in the World in Los Angeles

Spotlight on the First Italian Cuisine in the World in Los Angeles

Amuri. The Sacred flavors of Sicily - July 19, 2016 , Italian Cultural Institute, Los Angeles In anticipation of the 1st Week of Italian Cuisine in...
Piazza Navona in Rome, Italy.— Photo by aallm

Confessions of a Piazzalina

"What do you miss most about Italy?” I asked my first Italian teacher in San Francisco many years ago. “ La piazza ,” she said so wistfully that I...
Centennial kickoff ribbon cutting by Steve Riboli. Photo Courtesy of San Antonio Winery

San Antonio Winery’s 100 years of palatable delights

On October 13th, San Antonio Winery, kicked off its 100th anniversary on its historic location in Downtown L.A. – once in the heart of the city’s...
Paolo Genovese's newest film, "Perfect Strangers," won top awards for best film and best screenplay. (Ali & Colapietro)

Cinema Italian Style brings the best in Italian contemporary film to Seattle

The dark days and rainy nights so common to the Pacific Northwest in November are tailor-made for movie-going. Seattle’s popular Italian film...

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