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67 cars take part to 2016 California Mille from San Francisco to Carmel Valley

California Mille 2016: 67 Historic Cars Recalls The Italian Mille Miglia

Do not call it a race! Who has been part of the California Mille...
Photographer Giulio Rimondi. Photo courtesy of: G. Rimondi

Giulio Rimondi, and his quest for the Mediterranean identity

Young Italian photographer, Giulio Rimondi, is the definition of...
Laverello in cartoccio, whitefish in parchment, one of my fish finds along Lake Garda. |Credit: Copyright Paolo Destefanis, for Veneto: Authentic Recipes From Veneto and the Italian Northeast, by Julia della Croce (Chronicle Books, 2003).

How To Cook A Fish, Italian Style

When I was growing up, I watched my mother poach, roast, bake,...
Italian actress Alba Rohrwacher stars in the film 'Vergine giurata' (Sworn Virgin ) by Italian director Laura Bispuri

Laura Bispuri’s first feature film ‘Sworn Virgin’, a tale of femininity, freedom and identity

The delicate Sworn Virgin - Vergine giurata , directed by Laura...
The Italian Society at Berkeley barbecue

A Look at the Italian Society at Berkeley

The San Francisco Bay Area is the location of the Berkeley...
Italy lovers around the world have paid for the restoration of a magnificent marble sarcophagus in the Corsini Gallery, and are contributing towards the preservation of a unique cubiculum (bedroom) in the House of the Centaur in Pompeii.  Photo by Leonid_Andronov

Crowdfunding: the future of Italy’s history?

2016 could be the year when crowdfunding saves Italy. Or parts...
Federica Pellegrini Will Be Italy's Standard Bearer at Rio Olympics

Federica Pellegrini Will Be Italy's Standard Bearer at Rio Olympics

The Italian Olympic Committee announced, through its President...
Celebrating the Earth Day with Historic Climate Agreement

Celebrating the Earth Day with Historic Climate Agreement

At the United Nations, high-ranking leaders from more than 170...
Romans will be celebrating their city’s 2,769th birthday

Buon compleanno a Roma!

The eternal city traces its birth to April 21, 753 B.C. If you’...
Nettie Messina’s crostata di ricotta, ricotta pie. | Credit: Copyright Paolo Destefanis, for Roma: Authentic Recipes From in and Around the Eternal City, by Julia della Croce (Chronicle Books, 2003)

Cheesecake Straddles Italian Tradition and New York Style

Even if the sweets associated with Italian Easter—colomba,...
Italian Artist Silvia Girardi

Artist Silvia Girardi, From San Francisco Back to Milan

The path followed - nowadays - by Italian talents is usually...
Nino Martoglio (December 3, 1870 in Belpasso—September 15, 1921, Catania).

Nino Martoglio - A Man for All Seasons

Nino Martoglio is universally acclaimed in Sicily as a figure...
Issnaf President, nephrologist, Vito Campese. Photo Courtesy of V. Campese

ISSNAF President, Vito Campese, makes a plea to Italian-Americans

“Italian-Americans across the United States, please help out!”...
Mediterranean Diet Roundtable

The Mediterranean Diet Roundtable in California: A new way to address America’s health challenges

Beverly Hills – The Mediterranean Diet Roundtable (MDR) brings...
The Last Judgment by Michelangelo in the Sistine Chapel, — Photo by savacoco

Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel: The Last Judgement (part II)

Twenty-two years separate the painting of the vault and the...


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