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From far right Federico Fiecconi and John Canemaker (Credits Gianmaria Mussio)

Discovering Pinocchio Through a Captivating Journey From Collodi’s Novel to Disney Movie

“I can move! I can talk! I can walk!” : whoever has a passion for fairy tales must know the story this quote belongs to. Not sure yet? Here another...
Founders and Organizers, Daniela Agostini and Paola Maria Savoia. Photo courtesy of P.M. Savoia

Paola Maria Savoia, queen of Italians in L.A., and her Epicureology

Paola Maria Savoia, native of Genoa (capital of Liguria, northwestern region of Italy), directly descends from the illegitimate branch of the...
The “Jerusalem” of San Vivaldo in the footsteps of Edith Wharton

A Tuscan Shrine: Visiting The “Jerusalem” of San Vivaldo in the footsteps of Edith Wharton

The first impression you get in walking down the lane that leads to the small chapels on the Sacred Mountain of San Vivaldo is a sense of wonderment...
Luigi Tinelli joined the Sardinian army and organized The Chausseurs des Alpes that fought the Austrians

Luigi Tinelli: Activist, entrepreneur and exceptional immigrant

Luigi Tinelli arrived in America in October 1836, but he was far from an average emigrant. All his life he was a man of impassioned action – a...
Cantina della Volta Lambrusco di Sorbara, Photo Credit Adrian Reynolds

Lambrusco Today

I like that many consumers still remember that period during the ‘70’s when Lambrusco earned a reputation as a sweet, fizzy drink styled for the...
Chicken alla Cacciatora in the Style of Ristorante Cibocchi | Credit: Copyright Nathan Hoyt/Forktales 2016

Chicken alla Cacciatora, Or The Taming of the Stew

It is a mistake to think that our immigrant forebears, however poor, went without meat. Country people have hunted for food since time immemorial and...
Jojo Capece. Courtesy of Jojo Capece & The Daily Mail

Portofino Souvenir & A Conversation with Jojo Capece

Jojo Capece is an artist and the author of three books, All Roads Lead to Rome (2011), Bella Figura (2013) and most recently, Portofino Souvenir (...
2 Giugno. A Los Angeles la Festa Nazionale si fa Social!

2 Giugno. A Los Angeles la Festa Nazionale si fa Social!

La Festa Nazionale del 2 Giugno celebra la Repubblica Italiana, nata 70 anni fa dal Referendum istituzionale del 1946, e rappresenta un’importante...
Vongole in Potacchio

Cooking Le Marche Style: In Potacchio

Potacchio refers to a traditional style of cooking originating from Le Marche, which involves tomato, garlic, white wine and rosemary. Variations in...
The first Italian spumante came about in 1865, thanks to the collaboration of the Gancia brothers and of Count Augusto Vistarino who imported the Barbatella of Pinot Noir from Burgundy. Photo © Serreitor

Those Tiny Italian Bubbles are Such a Passion! To Drink and... To Eat!

There is no toast, no occasion or no celebration that does not invoke the opening of a bottle of sparkling wine…and what if one were to use it for...
Carabinieri Found Christopher Columbus' Letter On Discovery of America

Carabinieri Found Christopher Columbus' Letter On the Discovery of America

The Italian Carabinieri recovered the letter, dating 1493, through which Christopher Columbus announced the discovery of the America and the 'new...
Dante Alighieri portrait, 1499-1504, by Luca Signorelli (1441-1450 - 1523), fresco

Dante in the USA: an interview with the Dante Society of America’s President Albert Russell Ascoli

To an Italian, Dante is croce e delizia, pleasure and pain: forcefully immersed in the study of his heavenly works during the rebellious years of...
Editor Gabriella Cristiani. Photo Courtesy of G. Cristiani

Academy Award winning editor Gabriella Cristiani and her insatiable will to innovate

Editor Gabriella Cristiani (born in Foggia, city in Apulia, southern region of Italy), had the fortune to grow up in the film circles of Bologna (...
The tasting room at the Northwest Wine Academy, located on the campus of South Seattle College, features award-winning wines produced by the students. The room has a distinctly Northwest feel with reclaimed redwood and basalt rocks

Northwest Wine Academy guides students from vine to wine

The airy, light-filled tasting room at the Northwest Wine Academy would feel right at home in any of Seattle’s swankier neighborhoods. Designed with...
Josephine Maietta, president of the AIAE

AIAE: A determined promotion of Italian traditions and image

Sunday, May 1, 2016 - the AIAE -Association of Italian American Educators - celebrated the eighteenth Annual Awards and Scholarship Gala at the...


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