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Excavation under the open sky of white marble from Carrara Italy— Photo by Fotografiche

Modern expressions of Italy’s sublime stone

Since my Italian-American Italy has long been renowned for its miracles in stone. From Roman amphitheaters and aqueducts to Michelangelo’s David, the...
Temple of Neptune. Paestum archaeological site in Italy— Photo by Dogstock

Cilento: Ancient, artisanal and authentic

Compared to the Amalfi Coast, its bustling neighbor in the province of Salerno, Cilento might seem like land that time forgot. Long stretches of its...
Livigno's duty-free prices for gasoline, alcohol, tobacco and other commodities draw visitors from across Italy, Switzerland and Austria. Photo by paoloardiani

Livigno: Italy’s ‘Little Tibet’

When the hardy residents of Livigno gave a cask of wine to the Capuchin friars of Bormio in the 8th century to gain autonomy for their high valley,...
The water is crystal clear and it lures snorkelers and divers who can explore numerous surrounding islets and reefs

Unspoiled Italy: The Calming Quiet of Framura

A constellation of little hamlets comprise the commune of Framura, an atmospheric, somnolent village perched on a rocky outcrop rising from the...
Stefano Gabbana and Domenico Dolce

The Sicilian Connection: Dolce & Gabbana’s Inspiration has gone Global

Some say beauty is simple. But others contend it’s complicated. Can it be both? To enter into the sensuous curves of a Dolce & Gabbana design is...
The Grand Hotel one of Lombardy's architectural marvels will return to life in 2019. It was once the choice of royalty and many other famous guests

San Pellegrino: More than an Iconic Beverage

Only a 15-minute drive from Bergamo, the small picturesque town of San Pellegrino Terme still boasts the hot springs and stunning architecture that...
Luigi Tinelli joined the Sardinian army and organized The Chausseurs des Alpes that fought the Austrians

Luigi Tinelli: Activist, entrepreneur and exceptional immigrant

Luigi Tinelli arrived in America in October 1836, but he was far from an average emigrant. All his life he was a man of impassioned action – a...
Fishing boats in Port of Favignana in Sicily — Photo by beketoff

Favignana: Storied island of sun, sea and stone

Today the sun-kissed island of Favignana off the northwest coast of Sicily is popular with tourists from across the globe, but in August, 1943 it had...
City view of medieval town Erice, Sicily — Photo by asmfoto

Erice: A marriage of history and romance

Towering 2,460 feet above Trapani on the Mediterranean Sea in northwest Sicily, the ancient citadel of Erice has found a new outlook by catering to...

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