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Frank Isernio, center, brought his passion for great food, fresh ingredients and time-honored Italian traditions to his company, making Isernio's Sausage a top Northwest producer. Credit: Isernio's Sausage

Frank Isernio shares his delicious recipe for success

For more than 45 years, Frank Isernio’s life has revolved around sausage. As with many Italian families, food played a central role in the day-to-day...
Luigi DeNunzio, owner of Al Boccalino Restaurant, hopes to encourage other Italian restaurant owners to join him in creating a Little Italy

Seattle restaurateur dreams of creating a Little Italy in Pioneer Square

Pioneer Square is the heart of Seattle. Settled in 1852 by men and women who were drawn to its protected deep-water harbor, the area burned to the...
Outdoor writer Craig Romano has hiked more than 17,000 miles in Washington state. Photo credit: Craig Romano

Outdoor writer Craig Romano inspires readers to explore the natural beauty of Washington state

Ask outdoor enthusiast Craig Romano what has most influenced his life and his answer comes quickly and confidently: his Italian heritage and his New...
Mother Cabrini, who became American's first saint in 1946, is known as the patron saint of immigrants

America’s first saint helps ease the way for Seattle’s Italian community

In 1903, several national figures made their way to the shores of Puget Sound, no easy feat at the time. In April of that year, John C. Olmstead,...
Hands-on quality control is what makes Ritrovo products successful. Owner Ilyse Rathet tests a Tavolozze cracker with the help of Figuli's Filippo Albertini (center) and distributor Marco Damiani

Ritrovo preserves culinary traditions and authentic flavors of Italy

Spread the love, share the wealth and eat well while doing it. These concepts drive the successful business model adapted by Ilyse Rathet and Ron...
Jim Corey (left) with Maurizio Rocchi whose family has lived in Civita for generations and own Alma Civita Restaurant there

Seattle’s Civita Institute helps preserve a hill town’s unique way of life

Civita di Bagnoregio is one of the most beautiful hill towns in Italy. Located about 60 miles north of Rome, this stunning gem has escaped the modern...
Stefano Catalani (right) & artist Nathan Vincent. Photo credit Emilie Smith

Stefano Catalani and the language of art

A degree in petroleum engineering is not the usual training ground for a museum administrator. But then, Stefano Catalani, director of art, craft and...
Paolo Feraboli. Photo credit Advanced Composite Structures Lab

Seattle drives state-of-the-art Lamborghini research to new heights

On a quiet street not far from downtown Seattle, tucked between overgrown fields and train tracks, are several drab-brown buildings with white roll-...
100 years of Italian aviation come to life in Seattle’s Museum of Flight

100 years of Italian aviation come to life in Seattle’s Museum of Flight

Battered and stained, its cappuccino-colored fabric stretched taut over wings and body, the 101-year-old Italian-built Caproni Ca 20 greets visitors...

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