Italy: A Top Dream Destination for 2015

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Tripadvisor has officially announced the results of the study TripBarometer run for half a year. The study was about the world’s greatest and most popular places to travel to.
About one in every four people surveyed (28%) said that if money was not an issue they would love to travel to Italy, making the “Bel Paese” the second dream destination for travelers from all around the world.  The world’s most desired place to travel to is Australia, beating out Italy by only one percent.
In terms of where worldwide travelers plan to visit in the next upcoming year, unfortunately not all or not very many are planning on going to Italy.  According to the results from the study, the main thing holding back people from visiting the beautiful country of Italy are finances.  
Many travelers either do not have enough to support themselves financially in Italy (approximately 72%), do not have enough time to visit the entire country properly and are not willing to pay for the cost of all the flights.  
To get a full experience of Italy, it is recommended for travelers to visit the cities and regions not so occupied by tourists; this is why expense to travel all around Italy can get very pricey.  Italy may not be a large country, but the full Italian experience doesn’t only consist of Florence and Rome.
This could give some explanation as to why more than half of Italian hotel managers claim to have national clients as the vast majority of their guests, and that is why they are probably the travelers least affected by the prices of accommodation in Italy, the cost of flights, and the time that is required in order to visit.
Naming the destinations rounding out the rest of the list we find the United States in third place, followed by New Zealand, the United Kingdom, France, Spain, the Caribbean, Greece, and Japan.

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