Top 7 beaches in Italy

Capri Island
7. Pelosa beach, Sardinia.
La Pelosa beach is located at the north-west of the island.
Close to the small fishing village, is a stunning beach of fine white sand. 
Sand is incredibly fine and is completely white. The water is turquoise, crystal clear enough to be considered one of the most beautiful beaches of Italy. The coastline is smooth, easily reached by car and you can park nearby.
6. Capri island, Campania.
The Island of Capri is one of the most beautiful and visited locations in Campania. The sea emerging below is very deep, and harsh jagged caves have formed there. The most famous of these is the Grotta azzurra, now known to have been a Roman bathing place. This lagoon is haunted by a dazzling shifting turquoise blue. Small openings in the back of the cave admit daylight which, reflecting on the limestone floor and walls, creates a fantastical and magical atmosphere.
5. Tropea beach, Calabria.
Tropea is a seaside resort with impressive scenery in the region of Calabria, in the south of Italy. This stretch of coastline on the Tyrrhenian Sea is called the 'Coast of the Gods', and it is hugely admired by those in the know as one of Italy's finest summer holiday destinations. The coastline curves outwards in a large hilly bulge, boasting dramatic cliffs, sunny beaches, and a string of little resorts and campsites.
4. Isola dei Conigli, Sicily.
A remote beach off the south coast of Sicily “Rabbit Beach”, on the island of Lampedusa, is a beautiful nature reserve that can only be accessed by boat and one of the few places in the Mediterranean where loggerhead sea turtles go to lay their eggs.
Next to "Parise Cape" there is a small beach accessible only by sea, through a low grotto. Other species living along the island's coast include mantas and smaller cetaceans such as dolphins. 
3. Favignana Island, Sicily.
Favignana is the largest and most important of the Egadi Islands, three amazing islands off the western coast of Sicily.
Favignana has several small beaches, some of which, though popular, are fairly hard of access. One of the most beautiful is Cala Rossa, a pretty bay with turquoise sea. An other beach experience can be enjoyed at "Lido Burrone", a wider sandy beach where there is a bar, a restaurant, and facilities.
2. Mount Cofano Reserve, Sicily
Less frequented than the relatively closer “Zingaro” Natural Reserve, the Reserve of Mount Cofano is amazingly beautiful for its coastline, its meadows, stretches of dwarf palms and for its rich variety of wildlife. Today the area is not very inhabited (luckily it is now impossible to build more houses) and the village is isolated on the rocky coast, a few steps from the sea and beside a few rustic houses which are scattered between cactus, almond trees, olives trees and ash trees at the foot of “Mount Cofano”. The reserve has one of the most beautiful rocky landscapes of Sicily, with dizzying high cliffs ideal for those who love rock climbing.
1. Torre di Sant’Andrea, Apulia. 
The Adriatic Sea boasts many highly touted beaches featuring clear water, white sand, and gorgeously rugged landscapes. However, the looming rocky towers of Torre Sant’Andrea make the waterfront of this Italian fishing community stand out even within that generally picturesque context. Visitors can lounge on the beach, swim through weathered arches, and even cliff dive.



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