Piedmont Gavi Cortese: Between the Mountains and the Sea

Piedmont Gavi Cortese: Between the Mountains and the Sea

Piedmont Gavi Cortese: Between the Mountains and the Sea
Pinot Grigio – a color mutation of Pinot Noir, by the way – grown in the cool area of northeastern Italy — Photo by luckybusiness

Pinot Grigio: You Never Really Get Over It

In Kai Yuan Road, nearby to where the old ferry leaves from Xiamen to Gulangyu Island, You Sheng, a man perpetually dressed head to toe in white,...
Spotlight on the First Italian Cuisine in the World in Los Angeles

Spotlight on the First Italian Cuisine in the World in Los Angeles

Amuri. The Sacred flavors of Sicily - July 19, 2016 , Italian Cultural Institute, Los Angeles In anticipation of the 1st Week of Italian Cuisine in...
The First Italian Cuisine in the World Week (November 15-23)

The International Week of Italian Cuisine Is Coming This November

Trade fairs, demonstrations, master-classes , workshops, films , lectures, galas and special events aimed at showcasing individual Italian...
These days, Molinara grape variety, which can bring a Pinot Noir-like lightness to the wines, seems to be conspicuously missing from the blends many producers use to make Valpolicella and Amarone wines

Who Moved the Molinara?

One of the first things about Italian wine which I recall committing to memory is the quartet of grape varieties which could comprise the classic...
Pizza with pork sausage and rapini. | Photo: Copyright Nathan Hoyt, 2016

How About Some Super Healthy Greens on That Pizza Pie?

It’s hard to beat a well-made pizza margherita whose colors are the very symbol of Italy, but in the cool of autumn, I find myself craving a more...
White Truffle from Alba (Piedmont). Photo by Duchesse

Truffle time in Italy: Alba and other Festivals

Truffle lovers the world over look forward to truffle time in Italy. The Piedmont town of Alba is renown for its celebration which has been held...
Church of La Gran Madre in Turin, Italy. Photo by marcociannarel

Spooks in Italy: frightful Italian locations for this year’s Halloween

I’m a creature of the dark. No, nothing vampiresque or witchy in my statement, I just, quite simply, am naturally attracted to all that’s mysterious...
In recent years, the celebration of Halloween has made its way into Italy’s list of holidays

“Dolcetto o Scherzetto?” Trick or treat?

It is difficult to say exactly when vigilia d ’Ognissanti or Halloween first took hold in Italy. This spooky day seems to have floated into existence...
Blue jeans made their way back to Europe during the Second World War, when American soldiers would wear them while not in service

Blue Jeans: The American Symbol with Italian Roots

The drive in, a milkshake, James Dean wearing his jeans: is there anything more quintessentially “americana” than this? As pleasant as it may be, we...
Knowing that what you get in your plate is made with top notch ingredients, and the way it is supposed to by tradition makes Italian food more enjoyable

The Best Italian Food in the US

Eating genuine, authentic Italian food can be a struggle when you are not in Italy. Italian cuisine is one of the most popular cuisines in the world...
Glass artist in his workshop in Venice : making glass beads in traditional style.— Photo by Elf+11

The magical world of Venetian glass bead making

Murano glassmakers created Gallileo’s first telescope lenses. They decorated the palaces of Europe with their breathtaking chandeliers and glittering...
50 Trivia Facts About Italy (Part 1)

50 Trivia Facts About Italy (Part one)

The Tuscan Muse will take us on a journey among the most interestings facts of Italy. Fitfy things which will follow in three parts. Trivia is always...
Agriturismi in Tuscany

Agriturismi in Tuscany

Our Tuscan Muse introduces the agriturismo, taking a tour around the Tuscan valley. Tuscany is one of the most prosperous agricultural regions in...
Pasta Does Not Cause Obesity, A Research Finds

Pasta Does Not Cause Obesity, A Research Finds

According to an Italian research, pasta does not contribute to obesity, on the other hand it is in fact associated with a reduction in body mass...



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