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Guido Santi is an 8th generation Roman, who currently lives in the Sabine Hills, just north of Rome, in Italy. He runs 'Convivio Rome' with his Australian wife, Sally and they live together with their daughter in this beautiful and very unspoilt region, that is located between Rome, Umbria and Tuscany. Convivio Rome offers 3 and 5 night Italian Culinary Vacations, One Day Italian cooking classes, plus Half Day Rome olive oil tours and Rome wine tours. Visit his website on and on, and blog on , connect on Facebook:, Twitter: and Instagram:


Italy’s best kept secret: the Sabine Hills

Just 25 miles north of Rome, the Sabine Hills are the perfect alternative to other well known regions such as Tuscany. Its quintessentially Italian...
Carciofi alla Romana, Roman style boiled artichokes. Photo by asimojet

Quintessential roman cuisine: Carciofi alla Romana

It’s the beginning of artichokes season in Italy. This time of the year is when they are tender and not too big, in fact so tender that they can be...

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