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Panoramic top view of Vinci Village around meadow area from Conti Guidi Castle in Italy, — Photo by niglaynike

Leonardo’s Birthplace: Back to the House in Vinci where the Genius was Born

Even though everybody in the world knows about Leonardo da Vinci’s great genius, relatively few people ever think about paying a visit to the Tuscan...
Ancient center of village Volterra, Tuscany, Italy— Photo by kavita

Italian Hours, Tuscan Notes: A Taste of Henry James’ “Luxury of Loving Italy”

A mong all the American “italophiles” that have contributed to the shaping and defining of our current idea of Italy over the last centuries, Henry...
Francis Ford Coppola with his daughter, director Sofia Coppola

The Family Whistle, or how the Coppolas Came to America

Back in 1904 a poor young man by the name of Agostino Coppola left his Southern Italian hometown of Bernalda for good. Starting from this small...
San Giovanni in Corte baptistery and Palazzo Pretorio in Pistoia, Italy— Photo by AlKan32

Pistoia and its Underground: A Look at the Next Capital of Culture’s Past and Present

The recent news that Pistoia has been selected as Italy’s “capital of culture” for the year 2017 was met by Italians themselves with some surprise...
Bologna is home to the world's largest heraldic wall complex. Photo by sedmak

The Palace with a Thousand and One Coats of Arms: Exploring the Archiginnasio of Bologna

Let’s say you are a curious traveler who finds him or herself dawdling under the ever-present portici of Bologna on a sunny Sunday afternoon. Let’s...
The “Jerusalem” of San Vivaldo in the footsteps of Edith Wharton

A Tuscan Shrine: Visiting The “Jerusalem” of San Vivaldo in the footsteps of Edith Wharton

The first impression you get in walking down the lane that leads to the small chapels on the Sacred Mountain of San Vivaldo is a sense of wonderment...

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