Roccascalegna asking for help to save its Medieval Castle

Roccascalegna, Abruzzo, Chieti, Castle

Roccascalegna's Medieval Castle (Photo Credits Marco Lau)

People from Roccascalegna in the Chieti area, in the Abruzzo region, are experiencing a race against time in order to save one of the most beautiful castles: indeed, the Medieval Castle dating back to the 11th century, after heavy rains that hit the area in the last few months, is in danger because 1,000 cubic meters of rock collapsed.

This means that about 16 feet of the Church of San Pietro are now hanging up in the air (almost 98 feet). As taking safety measures is very complicated both from technical point of view that for the safety of those, the community Paesaggi di Abruzzo, founded six years ago by Alessandro Di Nisio, raises the request for help of the City of Roccascalegna using photos sent by users to show the beauty of the place. The goal is to accept any tip or advice to save the Castle and prevent the Church from collapsing (thing which could happen any time).


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