Isle of females near Palermo - Photo by Magati

"L'isola delle Femmine" a place to discover in Sicily

"L`Isola dele Femmine" is located north-western of Sicily, despite its name, which can be translated in English as "The Island of Women”. The town is...

A closer look at Mount Etna

Have you always wanted to see a volcano up close? If reaching the summit of a volcano sounds exciting but at the same time too tiring, the...
Fiat 500

Fiat 500 Restoration: You, Me and Sicily

Fiat 500 Restoration: You, Me and Sicily
Sicilian olive oil

Sicilian liquid gold: "You, Me & Sicily" brings us to discover olive oil

On this episode Zappala and Vajda take you to Partanna and Castelvetrano in the Province of Trapani to meet the Asaro family and visit their 100%...

Mistretta, the city of stone

On this episode of You, Me & Sicily Alfred Zappala and Eszter Vajda take us to Mistretta, in the province of Messina, to explore the incredible "...
Isola Bella in Taormina

Isola Bella, the Pearl of the Ionian Sea

Isola Bella, literally Beautiful Island, is Taormina's crowning jewel and, possibly, one of the most photographed spots in the area. Ideally located...
Pachino tomatoes drying in the sun

Pachino tomatoes: Sicily's red bounty

Sun dried tomatoes are convenient and delicious, and can easily be found in any supermarket. These small, flavorful tomatoes come from Pachino, a...
Marsala wine is the perfect drink on a warm Sicilian afternoon

Picking the right Marsala

Looking for something to drink other than beer or regular wine? Marsala, both in its dry and sweet forms, is a real delight and is absolutely perfect...
Sambuca di Sicilia Celebrates the "Borgo die Borghi 2016" Title

Sambuca di Sicilia Celebrates the "Borgo die Borghi 2016" Title

Sambuca di Sicilia is about to celebrate the title of "Borgo dei Borghi 2016" with a special evening to be held Friday, August 19 . The " Festa del...
Sicily: Beauty walks nearby Agrigento

Sicily: Beauty walks nearby Agrigento

Roxana Iacoban takes us to Agrigento on her last day in Sicily. Beauty walks: Punta Bianca Sunday had arrived. Only the 3rd day in Sicily and it...

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