Los Angeles

2 Giugno. A Los Angeles la Festa Nazionale si fa Social!

2 Giugno. A Los Angeles la Festa Nazionale si fa Social!

La Festa Nazionale del 2 Giugno celebra la Repubblica Italiana, nata 70 anni fa dal Referendum istituzionale del 1946, e rappresenta un’importante...
June 2nd Art-Selfie Contest

June 2nd Art-Selfie Contest

To celebrate on June 2nd the 70th Festa della Repubblica, our National Day, the Consulate General of Italy wants to highlights the Italian artistic...
Editor Gabriella Cristiani. Photo Courtesy of G. Cristiani

Academy Award winning editor Gabriella Cristiani and her insatiable will to innovate

Editor Gabriella Cristiani (born in Foggia, city in Apulia, southern region of Italy), had the fortune to grow up in the film circles of Bologna (...

San Francisco

"The Amazons In The Fortunate Isles" - A Preview

"The Amazons In The Fortunate Isles" - A Preview

ArsMinerva takes "THE AMAZONS IN THE FORTUNATE ISLES", composed by Carlo Pallavicino in 1679, on stage thanks to a world premiere at the Marines’...
Dante Alighieri portrait, 1499-1504, by Luca Signorelli (1441-1450 - 1523), fresco

Dante in the USA: an interview with the Dante Society of America’s President Albert Russell Ascoli

To an Italian, Dante is croce e delizia, pleasure and pain: forcefully immersed in the study of his heavenly works during the rebellious years of...
Maria Grazia Affinito, Eating Pasta Off the Floor. Photograph by Louis Pepin

Eating Pasta Off the Floor: A solo theater piece written & performed by Maria Grazia Affinito

Eating Pasta Off the Floor is such an intriguing title for a play that it demanded L’Italo-Americano interview the play’s creator and solo performer...


The tasting room at the Northwest Wine Academy, located on the campus of South Seattle College, features award-winning wines produced by the students. The room has a distinctly Northwest feel with reclaimed redwood and basalt rocks

Northwest Wine Academy guides students from vine to wine

The airy, light-filled tasting room at the Northwest Wine Academy would feel right at home in any of Seattle’s swankier neighborhoods. Designed with...
Today, Pike Place Market is one of Seattle's most popular sites, a must-see for out-of-town visitors. Known as the city's neighborhood marketplace, it offers an amazing array of fresh, locally produced, top-quality food, goods and handcrafted products

Joe Desimone: From produce farmer to owner of Seattle’s Pike Place Market

Giuseppe “Joe” Desimone was a bear of a man, 6 foot 2 inches tall, 300 pounds. He arrived in America in 1897 from Naples at the age of 18 with 50...
An enthusiastic host and excellent cook, Mattiacci recently published her first cookbook, "A Kitchen with a View," that includes more than 50 family-friendly recipes featuring fresh ingredients picked locally and in season

Seattle explores the harmonious cooking of Umbria

Ingredients are like musical notes, says cookbook author Letizia Mattiacci, and cooking is like composing music. The results, when done well, are...

San Diego

Orietta Gianjorio

Passionate Italian taster brings knowledge to consumers

“I am most passionate about bringing my knowledge [of tasting] to consumers, “said an enthusiastic Orietta Gianjorio, a native Italian from Rome,...
Jim-Cardinale Hill

Working to Keep Italian Culture Together

Coordinating the 46th Annual Columbus Day Grand ball, spending time with donors and other Ferragosto 2015 Committee members, and acting as President...
John Asaro at the Meyer Art Gallery

A Big Grazie to artist John Asaro!

John Asaro, a native Californian of Sicilian descent has a special place in his heart for Little Italy’s Piazza Famiglia, so much so that he will be...

Orange County

Bruno & Sophia Loren. Photo: Cashman Photo Enterprises of Nevada

Oscar Winning Actress Sophia Loren & Humanitarian Sir Bruno Serato Express Mutual Admiration

Saturday proved to be an extraordinary day for one of Orange County’s most beloved residents. Humanitarian Sir Bruno Serato, who founded a nonprofit...
Italian filmmaker Ilaria Borrelli

Ilaria Borrelli: Raising Awareness About Humanitarian Issues Through Cinema

Recently L’Italo-Americano had the pleasure to interview Ilaria Borrelli, the Italian director and main actor of Talking To The Trees, an Italian...
Group on stage at the Bowers Museum, L-R  David Prisco, Distinguished Member John Russo, Villa Park Mayor Diana Fascenelli, Consul General Antonio Verde, Honoree Vicky Carabini, Honoree Joseph Ferrucci, Event Chair Commendatore Frank DeSantis

Celebrate Italy Festival: Italian pride at the Bowers Museum

As the color guard walks in carrying the majestic Italian, American, and Californian flags, the audience who attended the “Celebrate Italy Event”...


Dr. Donald V. Romanaggi. Photo courtesy of UP Marketing and Communication

Dr. Don Romanaggi: The Doctor with a Heart of Gold

It all started with a muddy patch of ground and a desire to build a place of healing and compassion for children in crisis at Providence Child Center...
Gus Loprinzi. Phot Courtesy of the Loprinzi family

The Loprinzi’s: America’s Strongest Family Yesterday & Today

“There is no wealth but life. That country is the richest which nourishes the greatest number of human beings; that man is richest, who, having...
Rick Gencarelli at his sandwich shop Lardo

Rick Gencarelli’s Grassa: A Captivating Blend of Fresh Pasta, All Things Pork, and… Rock & Roll

When Rick Gencarelli, chef and owner of Portland’s famed sandwich shop Lardo (known for its play-on-words motto: Bringing Fatback 7 Days a Week)...